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Dietitian Dr. Nazli Acar


Nazli Acar was born in Bursa, in 1987. She graduated from Bursa Boys’ High School in 2005. She completed her Nutrition and Dietetic education between 2005-2010 in Baskent University Faculty of Health Sciences. She became a Specialist Dietician with her thesis with title “Effect of Calcium Mineral on Obesity’ in Halic University Health Sciences Institute (2010-2013). In 2013 she started her PhD program in Okan University Health Sciences Institute and still continues.

She worked in Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio, USA (2014), Cleveland Clinic Foundation (USA) Bariatric and Metabolism Surgery Department as Observer Nutritionist with Prof. Dr. Tomasz Rogula and Prof. Dr. Philip Schauer. She gained the title of ‘Bariatric Dietician’, and became the first Dietician in Turkey with “Bariatric Nutritionist” certificate.

Experiences in Nutrition and Diet Specialty: She participated as speaker in various congresses, and conventions and symposiums. Nazli Acar has statements published in international and dietetics convention. She participated in Bariatric Dietician, Athlete’s Dietician, Diabetes Dietician, Nutrition Team Dietician, certificate programmes and completed them with success.

Bariatric Dietician Nazli Acar worked as responsible dietician of Nutrition and Diet Unit of Bezmialem Foundation University, Faculty of Medicine between 2011 - 2016.

She continues the follow-up of over 1500 obesity surgery patients together with Prof. Dr. Halil Coskun and at the same time, continues her independent work together with Prof. Dr. Halil Coskun. Nazli Acar, is an active member of Turkish Dieticians Association (TDA).